RF Elements Symmetrical Horn CarrierClass

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RF Elements SH-CC-5-90. Niveau for antennestyrke (maks.): 10 dBi, Frekvensbånd: 5.18 - 6.1 GHz, Impedens: 50 ohm (Ω). Antenne tilslutningstype: N-type, Stik køn: Hunstik, International beskyttelseskode (IP): IP55. Bredde: 260 mm, Dybde: 130 mm, Højde: 160 mm



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Carrier Class Performance
Carrier Class Symmetrical Horn Antennas are scalar horn antennas with a symmetrical beam radiation pattern without side lobes. Carrier Class Symmetrical Horns are perfectly suitable for use as Sector Antennas. They offer a unique blend of features that solves major weak points of current mainstream sector antenna technology.

Unique Beam
Symmetrical Horn Antennas have very unique beam shape and characteristics. The beam section is circular: azimuth and elevation radiation angles are identical. The beam pattern does not vary with frequency and the antenna gain is balanced over a wide frequency range. These features make them excellent sector antennas.

No Side Lobes
Carrier Class Symmetrical Horns have no side lobes - they only focus energy into one main signal beam. Such radiation characteristic saves the most important resource in wireless - the spectrum.

The unique radiation properties secure, that radio will collect and propagate significantly less noise in comparison with mainstream sector antennas. Majority of noise problem is directly connected with antenna side lobes, especially when operating in free bands. Side radiation lobes allow radios propagate to- and receive the signal (noise, interference) from unwanted directions with surprisingly high gain.

Carrier Class Symmetrical Horns are basically "deaf" off their main beam, so they deliver significantly better performance in crowded, noisy environment.

Wideband Performance
Symmetrical Horn Carrier Class antennas perform in a wide frequency range: 5180-6100 MHz!

Coverage Without Null
Mainstream sector antennas have a radiation pattern that is very wide in azimuth cut but very flat in elevation cut. If an AP is too high, the customers that are too close will suffer from low AP signal.

Carrier Class Symmetrical Horn Antennas radiate a symmetrical circular beam pattern that is very similar to a simple flashlight. Because of their unique radiation pattern, Symmetrical Horns can cover nearby areas much easier than mainstream sector antennas.

N-type Connectors
Carrier Class Symmetrical Horn Antennas feature N-type female connectors, allowing connection with wide range of Radios, such as mimosaTM, Cambium NetworksTM PMP450, LigoWaveTM, and many others. Users of UBNTTM Rocket M5 Titanium, MikroTikTM connectorized radios (NetBoxTM, BaseBoxTM and NetMetalTM) can also utilize coaxial ports on Carrier Class Symmetrical Horn Antennas.

Superb Scalability
Carrier Class Symmetrical Horn Antennas offer breakthrough scalability options for wireless systems. Unique beam performance and great co-location characteristics allow for a higher density of sectors than a traditional sector technology.

Carrier Class Symmetrical Horns come with precise radiation angles, ranging from 30 to 90 degrees: a wide range of models suitable for any requirement.

Built To Last
Carrier Class Symmetrical Horns are solid metal bodies that are built to last and to resist any weather conditions. We use only the best materials: die cast, stamped and extruded aluminium; zinc alloy, high quality ABS plastic; and stainless steel hardware.

Carrier Class Symmetrical Horn Antennas are very compact, with only 20-25% footprint of traditional (patch array) sector antennas. This compact size saves tower rental fees, and makes it possible to install Carrier Class Symmetrical Horns in places where regular sectors would not be allowed due to their shape and size.

Easy Installation
Symmetrical Horn Carrier Class antennas come pre-assembled from the factory and ready for immediate deployment. The installation is very easy and requires only a single tool.

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Niveau for antennestyrke (maks.)10 dBi
Frekvensbånd5.18 - 6.1 GHz
Impedens50 ohm (Ω)
Horisontal strålebredde90°
Vertikal strålebredde90°
Antenne tilslutningstypeN-type
Stik kønHunstik
Stående spændingsbølgeforhold (VSWR)1.8
International beskyttelseskode (IP)IP55
Overlevelses vindhastighed160 km/t
Forholdet mellem front og bagside28 dB
Montagerør15 - 86 mm
Materiale kabinetAluminium, Polykarbonat, Polypropylen, Rustfrit Stål, Zink
Farve på produktRød, Hvid
Driftstemperatur (T-T)-30 - 55 °C
Vægt & størrelser
Bredde260 mm
Dybde130 mm
Højde160 mm
Vægt1,7 kg
Bredde (emballage)310 mm
Dybde (emballage)320 mm
Højde (emballage)240 mm
Pakkevægt2,4 kg
Emballage indhold
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Garanti2 år
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* Ovenstående produktdata er leveret af Icecat. EET kan ikke gøres ansvarlig for eventuelle forkerte informationer.




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