Bachmann STEP ALU 2xUTE 1xModule


Bachmann STEP ALU. AC udgange, antal: 2 AC stikkontakt(er), Understøttet placering: Indendørs, AC stikkontakt typer: Type E (FR). Dybde: 220 mm. Antal medfølgende produkter: 1 stk


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STEP embodies the principle of modularity with absolute consistency. The system is thus ideal for the flexible delivery of power and data to workstations, in partition systems, raised floors and other connection types.

The modular design of STEP power strips offers virtually endless possibilities: from simple electricity supply sets through to power strips with integrated data connections, RCDs/MCBs, surge protection, media technology connections and much more.

STEP is equipped with Wieland GST18i3 as standard for the power supply and can therefore be supplied with a variety of cable lengths. Other plug connector systems can also be supplied on request.

Perfectly tailored for the best connections
The STEP power strip is available with an aluminium or plastic profile. It is possible to connect multiple power strips together to form a modular system. STEP is designed primarily as a simple electricity supply unit for office workstations. Permanently installed devices such as PCs, monitors, printers, etc. can be connected to STEP.

STEP power strips have a power input and a power output, each of which is built into the end caps on the face end. The Wieland GST18 plug connectors fitted are tried-and-tested solutions for office use, and have the coding and latch mechanism required to comply with the applicable

Various attachment options
STEP power strips are versatile in their application. They can be mounted under tables and desks, in cable ducts and in partitions, for example. Different attachment options are available for mounting to suit the various applications.

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AC udgange, antal2 AC stikkontakt(er)
Understøttet placeringIndendørs
AC stikkontakt typerType E (FR)
Strømstik typeType G
Materiale kabinetAluminium
Farve på produktSort
Vægt & størrelser
Dybde220 mm
Antal medfølgende produkter1 stk
Yderligere information
Garanti1 år
* Ovenstående produktdata er leveret af Icecat. EET kan ikke gøres ansvarlig for eventuelle forkerte informationer.
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