Ernitec EasyView Enterprise

1 CH license inc 1 Year SMA Max: 5 servers, 128 cams, 10 users

The second generation EasyView software has evolved over years based on true customer needs in video surveillance. This has resulted in an intuitive and powerful solution, fulfilling all imaginable surveillance needs.

Key highlights of the EasyView software solution include:

•True hybrid solution using the new Hydra HB, with built-in support for both IP and analog cameras, provides seamless transition path from analog to network surveillance
•Intuitive and easy to use applications for local or remote monitoring, search, playback and export of video content
•Additional Video Analytic features for Number Plate Recognition and Alarm Monitoring of true video based VCA alarm filters; Trip Wire, Left Object, Tracking People Counting, Dwell Filter, Remove Object, Smoke and Fire detection.
•Full-featured mobile and web clients provide network optimized access to surveillance footage whenever needed, independent of your location.


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***********NOW 1 YEAR SMA WARRANTY included in the price*********

EasyView 7 Enterprise Versions

We offer two versions of the EasyView software Enterprise is a single channel licence allowing 10 users, 5 servers and up to 128 channels per server, this can be expanded to an unlimited amount of servers using master server upgrade license offering the benefit of unlimited system expansion.

Video Analytics

We have built video analytics directly into our software package, once activated with a separate licence per channel you can run real 3D calibration video analytics on any camera connected to the software.

Huge Camera Integration List

The EVR software, can integrate with over 3000 cameras with native SDK integration offering the full features of the cameras not just the normal OnVif integration. Of course you can use OnVif cameras opening up to almost limitless choice of camera integration.

SDD Secure Data Distribution

The EVR software can secure your video data using the unique SDD feature. The Ernitec SDD technology distributes video frames evenly between disks. Using 3 discs is optimum, meaning with single drive failure would thus only decrease the frames on a video clip and not leave any large blank areas during the storage interval. For forensic research a well-placed, good resolution camera gives practically the same success rate with a low frame rate as a video with a higher frame rate – meaning that the risk of not being able to analyse an event due to a failed hard disk becomes close to zero.

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